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A Note to St. John of the Cross
April 18, 2006, 5:03 am
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What can you do when your soul is empty?

What can you think when there is a hollow inside you

that is so numbing a drunken crusade seems pointless?

Twilight three o'clockSt John of the cross said that the soul passes into divine light at this dark hour

That the years drag on at this hour

was he mistaken?

Despair has no roots, they have been cut

miserable freedom

How wretched we are to uphold the ideal

from ancient times to the six fourty nine

All is now a lie

yet yesterday I broke away again to freedom

to remorse and now finally to death

You have no place and never will you downcast loose thing

Scouring the earth like brushfire in the wood, ashes to ashes

Damn the prophets, danm the profiteers

When there is nothing inside there is nothing outside but endless night

with feeble promise of light

See the divine lights up there in the sky

See the life cowering down here bags of blood and guts

 Some dare to look up and wonder

But what can you do when your soul is empty?

                                     1994, Peace River, mid winter


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