Courier poetry and more

Bus Crunch
April 14, 2006, 12:37 pm
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Bus crunch, thanks a bunch

maybe I be dead by lunch

Car door, give me more

crushed kneecap what a bore

Accident get me bent

hospital time is time well spent

Couriers are evil, weaving through traffic like snakes

oh look it stopped raining, maybe now I'll have brakes

Slop cop, make me stop

keep me from my next drop

Niqill Refill

fist full of waybills

Repeat this is not a test

it's a blood soaked manifest

Stone breath, nothing left

look I'm being reg'd to death

Trips for money, money fro trips

yes I'm doing this for kicks

How now puppy chow?

just don't flinch you're not allowed

Loving cup fuck me up

dragged on ashphalt by a pickup truck

Bumper ride, things collide

meet you on the other side

Ambulance, siren dance

you just blew your 2nd chance

Rain, hail, snow, sleet

just a piece of courier meat

Dead now, take a bow

it's okay to draw a crowd 


The Curve of the Sea
April 13, 2006, 1:30 pm
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Many have travelled

From "A" to "B"

Yet I have seen

The curve of the sea

The curve of the sea

It can be told

Is slight and forever

Not fleeting or bold